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We collaborate on shaping the future of cand.it graduates

We aim to support the interaction between research, education, and the business community. We achieve this through internships, thesis collaborations, case challenges, career-focused events, research collaborations, and dialogue with stakeholders, among other initiatives.

Our objective is to maintain and enhance the significance of humanistic IT in companies and society, as well as educate qualified IT professionals, technologically literate citizens, and researchers.

The Department of Digital Design and Information Studies is among the strongest IT academic environments in Europe, attracting visiting researchers and Ph.D. students from around the world.

We engage with information technology as an integral part of people's daily lives and future. Therefore, we have a strong connection between theory and practice and participate in numerous national and international collaborations.

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We collaborate with IT programs at Aarhus University and throughout the rest of the country.

Learn more about the collaboration with IT-vest and Katrinebjerg Career Day for all IT students at Aarhus University


If you are interested in establishing a collaboration with researchers or students, you can send an email to the head of the department at departmentleader.ddinf@cc.au.dk.