Cultural Transformations

The aim of the programme is to examine the social roles performed today by cultural production, circulation and transformation.

Research groups connected to the programme

Affect Studies and Methodology

This unit consists of a multidisciplinary research group linked to the Centre for Sociological Studies (CESAU) at Aarhus University dealing more broadly with the role of affect in contemporary cultural analysis across various fields.


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Coordinator: Britta Timm Knudsen

Body Politics

Forskningsenheden om ‘kropspolitik’ eller ‘body politics’ arbejder med det 'ekstra-repræsentationelle' ved at fokusere på nyere former for politisk mobilisering og affektiv styring, der sætter kroppe på spil og i spil.  

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Deltagere/kontaktpersoner: Britta Timm KnudsenChristoffer KølvraaCarsten Stage

Creativity, Media and Culture Production

Creativity is no longer exclusively linked to artistic creation. This research group investigates the concept of creativity through the three main areas of 1) Creativity, theatre and education, 2) Creativity and screen production, and 3) Creative industry and culture production.   

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Coordinators: Ida KrøgholtAnne Marit Waade

Cultures and Practices of Death and Dying

Coordinator: Dorthe Refslund Christensen

Fandom and celebrity culture

This research unit focuses on the aesthetics and culture of fandom and celebrities from the perspectives of cross-media communication and media convergent culture. 

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Coordinator: Matthias Stephan, Research Assistant  

Future Making

This research group brings together interdisciplinary projects that explore how we enact, study, archive, curate, write, and otherwise document the present in ways that influence our futures. 


Coordinator: Annette Markham 



Heritage and Tourism

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Coordinator: Britta Timm Knudsen

Participatory culture

This research group is a forum for the investigation of user-generated production and user-driven participation across a variety of social fields and participatory platforms, e.g. urban spaces, aesthetic co-productions and online environments.

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Coordinator: Camilla Møhring Reestorff



Practice Theory

Practice theory addresses a key issue in studies of culture and cultural transformations, combining inspirations from sociology, philosophy, cultural theory, and science and technology studies (ANT). This research unit aims to develop this field as a foundation for exploration of topics within the area of culture and aesthetics.

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Coordinator: Mads Krogh

Public, Media and Democracy

Public debate and political action are influenced by aestheticization, commercialization and the obligations of a media-saturated public space. At the same time the development of digital and interactive media facilitates new kinds of democratic participation and activism.


Coordinator: Henrik Kaare Nielsen

Recalcitrant Aesthetics

This research group brings together junior scholars investigating how recalcitrant materiality, objects, and affects acting beyond human control relate to aesthetic and cultural phenomena.  

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In 2017 Aarhus is going to be European Capital of Culture, a project that has already had and will continue to have an impact on the city as well as the region. The core delivery of rethinkIMPACTS 2017 is a research-based evaluation of Aarhus 2017. 

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Coordinator: Louise Ejgod Hansen

Sexuality Studies

The aim of the research unit Sexuality Studies is to contribute to an increased academic focus on sexuality and hereby to an increased understanding of the relation between sexuality and culture.

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Coordinator: Camilla Skovbjerg Paldam

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