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STEEM was institutionalized formally in February 2019 through Aarhus University’s Institute for Communication and Culture. It was launched in Denmark in November 2019. 

STEEM is coordinated at Aarhus University. Core Member institutions include University of Toronto (Canada), RMIT (Australia), Tallinn University (Estonia). 

We host events for researchers, artists and developers from Academic Institutions, tech companies, and nonprofit think/action tanks around the world. 

STEEM was founded by Annette Markham, PhD, Aarhus University. She now co-directs the initiative alongside Pablo Velasco, PhD, Aarhus University 


STEEM responds to new EU requirements for data protection and provides a forum for discussing best practices for building ethical methods. 

STEEM fosters innovative and experimental forms of knowledge production through a sustained focus on methodology. 

STEEM develops real responses to the challenges of interdisciplinary methods by exploring new lines of inquiry that cut across disciplinary boundaries, both intellectually and institutionally. 

STEEM cultivates a unique approach to the concepts and practices around what has been called ‘digital methods’ by bringing together scholars from distinctly different arenas and experimenting with new combinations of tools and techniques. 

STEEM builds better ethical futures for data analytics, social research, and digital technology development by emphasizing speculative, future-oriented, critical, and activist approaches to the study of inquiry practices.