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Book release: Slavery and the Forensic Theatricality of Human Rights in the Spanish Empire

New book by Karen-Margrethe Simonsen just out with Palgrave Macmmillan.

The book is a study of the forensic theatricality of human rights claims in literary texts about slavery in the sixteenth and the nineteenth century in the Spanish Empire. The book centers on the question: how do literary texts use theatrical, multisensorial strategies to denunciate the violence against enslaved people and make a claim for their rights? The Spanish context is particularly interesting because of its early tradition of human rights thinking in the Salamanca School (especially Bartolom√© de Las Casas), developed in relation to slavery and colonialism.  Taking its point of departure in forensic aesthetics, the book analyzes five forms of non-narrative theatricality: allegorical, carnivalesque, tragicomic, melodramatic and tragic.