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Reading Slavery - Comparative Studies of the Literature of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (2015-2019), collective research project supported by the Velux Foundations

The Freest Port? Slavery and Literature in St. Thomas (2020-2021), monograph project by Mads Anders Baggesgaard 

Gothic images of slavery and rebellion: The dispute over the meaning of freedom in the transatlantic press culture of Jamaican slavery, 1800-1834 (2019-2022), ph.d. project by Stephanie Montesino Volder

Authoring slavery – Authorship and agency in narratives of slavery in Ghana (2021-2024), collective research project supported by the Independent Research Fund, Denmark.

Comparative Literary History of Slavery. A three volume publication with John Benjamins Press, edited by Mads Anders Baggesgaard, Karen-Margrethe Simonsen and Helen Yitah.