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Workshop: Sound and Music in Videographic Criticism

Convenors: Jaap Kooijman (University of Amsterdam) and Mathias Bonde Korsgaard (Aarhus University)

Quite surprisingly, there are hardly any audiovisual essays on music television, while one would expect that the music video, based on its particular audiovisual form, would be a suitable object for videographic criticism. Perhaps this lack is the result of the much stricter legal copyright regulations on music than other audiovisual objects, or perhaps the music video is too similar in form to the (poetic) audiovisual essay. While some audiovisual essays have certainly explored the role of sound and music in different audiovisual media (mostly film and television), they are far outnumbered by essays that focus on matters of visual representation. In this workshop, Jaap Kooijman and Mathias Bonde Korsgaard will use their own work in progress to show the potential and the challenges of working with sound and music in videographic criticism.

We ask that participants consider the following questions in advance:

  • Why can it be challenging to work with sound and music in videographic criticism? 

  • How do we best overcome the challenge (and realize the potential)? 

We also suggest that participants watch the following essays beforehand:

Zoom chat from workshop

This workshop wasn't recorded, but the Zoom chat can be read here