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The Centre will facilitate and advance transnational media research and research practices in order to contribute and make meaningful interventions into contemporary challenges such as migration and other transnational movements, gender politics, societal change and the welfare state, democratic agency and citizenship, ecological crisis or contemporary political challenges.

The Centre considers media in relation to broader developments of globalization, localization and digitalization. Technological and structural media developments, de-territorialization and conglomeratization are key driving forces for trans-border flows that affect not only access to media products and shape patterns of consumption, but also ways of producing and making sense of media, stories and/or news. The Centre considers a range of transnational shifts, identifying a diverse set of debates (but not exclusive) to create different approaches and ways of thinking about race and ethnicity, gender identity and sexual politics, national identity, nationality and nationalism, forms of transnational storytelling, transnational media activism (such as #MeToo and fourth-wave feminism), media content adaption across territories, transnational, global or diasporic audiences and users, media genres and platforms, global and transnational flows and counter-flows of media content and talent or the transnational and global logics of the creative industries.

National-based categories are no longer viable frameworks in an age of global media flows and cross-border networks. Knowledge and research cannot be siloed into discrete, fixed disciplinary areas. Current and future-oriented research, while never leaving behind the national, must also to be trans-disciplinary, trans-cultural, and transnational in its approach and way of thinking.

Four main objectives of CTMR

  • Networking & research grants
    CTMR will offer a platform for a dialogue between transnational media research within the Department of Media Studies and Journalism and its sister departments within Aarhus University as well as with researchers and research units worldwide. The Centre further aims to initiate and attract research grants, and support and initiate research applications within the field on a highly international level.
  • Development of new methodologies
    Transnational media research is in need of developing new forms of methods and methodologies. The Centre aims to provide a unique space for reflective critical inquiry to develop new interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary methods and methodologies.
  • Visiting researcher / exchange program (Academics, PhDs)
    CTMR aims to ensure a thorough academic dialogue that leads to concrete outcomes and results. It therefore aims to establish a regular research exchange program, using different existing funding models that allows young scholars within the field to travel through a network working across different sites, experiencing and understanding the transnational flow in their actual movements.
  • Investigating societal challenges
    The Centre’s research motivation is driven by a broader perspective towards media that looks beyond media-centric approaches. It seeks to link transnational media research to wider political questions and societal challenges in a global context.