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AI-driven transformation: Key insights from Jacob Sherson's talk at Aarhus Municipality

Recently, Jacob Sherson (professor and director of the Center for Hybrid Intelligence) shared his insights on a hybrid intelligent approach to developing generative AI applications at the finance department at Aarhus Municipality.

Sherson's talk: "A Hybrid Intelligence Approach to Develop Generative AI Applications" sparked lively discussions on how AI technologies can be integrated into municipal workflows.

In his talk, Jacob Sherson introduced the Hybrid Intelligence Approach, a practical approach for utilising Generative AI (GenAI) to streamline and innovate organisational processes. By highlighting this framework and emphasising the synergy between human expertise and AI’s analytical power, he advocated for a fundamental shift towards frameworks that effectively integrate the strengths of both.

Three components of the Hybrid Intelligence Framework
In addressing challenges to Generative AI adoption within organisations, such as misaligned expectations and inadequate training programs, Sherson elaborated on the Hybrid Intelligence approach designed to overcome these obstacles, all of which hinder innovation and organisational transformation. The framework includes:

  1. Human-Controlled virtual assistants enable all employees to become skilled users, enhancing productivity without replacing human judgement. These integrated tools support daily tasks by handling repetitive and data-intensive activities, allowing employees to focus on more complex and creative aspects of their work.
  2. Empowering every employee as innovators involves providing all employees, irrespective of their technical skills, with user-friendly GenAI tools through no-code platforms. These platforms facilitate the creation, deployment, and management of AI solutions, allowing non-technical staff to engage in AI-driven innovation without needing extensive programming knowledge.
  3. Cultural transformation focuses on shifting organisational culture to embrace continuous learning and foster micro-innovation—small-scale, continuous improvements—rather than concentrating solely on disruptive, large-scale technological changes. The goal is to cultivate a mindset that values and actively pursues ongoing learning and incremental innovations across all levels of the organisation.

Organisational transformation with GenAI across all employee levels
Sherson emphasised that by implementing the Hybrid Intelligence Framework, organisations can not only enhance productivity and foster inclusive innovation at all levels but also develop a resilient workforce prepared to meet future challenges. He highlighted the essential journey of organisational transformation that involves everyone, affirming, "To fully embrace generative AI, we must embark on a transformation journey that empowers everyone in the organisation to innovate.

It was a pleasure having Jacob visit us with his great presentation about artificial intelligence: “A hybrid intelligence approach to developing generative AI applications.” It was very inspirational to meet him and gain insights into his latest research from the Center for Hybrid Intelligence," reflected Anne Vibeke Bessing, Project Manager at the Finance Department, Aarhus Municipality.

For more information or to discuss how our Hybrid Intelligence framework can be implemented in your organisation, please contact Jacob Sherson directly here.