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Text-to-x and the Implications on Human-AI Co-creative Expression


This project's primary objective is to explore the capabilities of recently emerging text-to-x tools (such as text-to-image, audio, video, music, code) in facilitating creative processes and enabling collaborative expression between humans and AI. Although creativity support tools and various digital aids for creative tasks have been available for some time, the category of text-to-x tools represents a novel addition. By delving into the dynamics of human-AI interaction and collaboration within the framework of these tools, we can gain deeper insights into the distinct aspects of human creativity. Additionally, this investigation seeks to identify which segments of the creative process can be effectively augmented or entrusted to AI, all while maintaining the vital elements of control, ownership, and genuine creative expression.

For further information see our recent paper entitled Creativity in the Age of Generative AI in Nature Human Behavior.

In particular, as corresponding author Jacob Sherson puts it: “Autonomous AI will certainly continue to astound us. However, such technologies in the hands of business professionals and other experts will offer endless avenues of innovative potential, so there is not going to be a shortage of jobs.”

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