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Semiotics is the study of signs and meaning.

At the Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University, this involves a broad range of disciplines –

including aspects of linguistics, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, religion, literature, the arts, the sciences and logic.

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Per Aage Brandt:
Spaces, Domains, and Meaning

Download Per Aage Brandt’s book Spaces, Domains, and Meaning - Essays in Cognitive Semiotics (2004). The book is sold out from the publisher and is free for download.

Contains the essays: Three Imagistic Operators: Metaphor, Catachresis, Simile - Language, Domains, and Blending - The Architecture of Semantic Domains - On Causation and Narration - The Semantics of Diagrams - Mental Space Networks and Linguistic Integration - Semio-linguistic and Stemmatic Syntax - Poetry, Cognitive Semiotics, and Baudelaire's Cats - Metaphors in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 - Reflections in the Mental Brain - The Mystery of Interpretation - Music and the Private Dancer - Art, Technique, and Cognition - From Gesture to Theatricality - What's New? - 50.000 Years of Modernism.

Click here to download PDF (268 pages, 7.3 MB)