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Death Online Research Network

About DORN

Digital media are now integral to death, grief and memory, from personal illness blogs and live-streamed funerals to online support groups and virtual memorials. Studying death online involves attention to cultural change, identity performances, social bonding, legal matters, design innovations, business opportunities and more. 

The Death Online Research Network was founded in Copenhagen in 2013 to encourage international collaboration and conversation around the study of death and digital media. In order to establish a strong research network and influence the field of research, DORN has articulated the following goals:

  • To gather the academic work already done in this area
  • To support the necessary interdisciplinarity in dealing with death online
  • To support a digital platform (initially Facebook) for network communication 
  • To encourage subgroups to cooperate on projects, papers, panels, and publications
  • To arrange physical symposiums to encourage knowledge sharing and cooperation.
  • To arrange ph.d. workshops and, in other ways, support young scholars in the field.

Upcoming events

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Call for papers:

DORS4: The University of Hull, UK, August 15 – 17 2018

The 4th Symposium of the International research network Death Online Research will take place at The University of Hull, August 15 – 17, 2018. It will consolidate the links between existing and new members of the network and provide opportunities for the discussion of ongoing and new orientations in the interdisciplinary field of death online. The meeting will explore the ways in which online connectivity is changing how, when and where we engage with death and dying and how we invest death-related practices with meaning in the online environment.




DORN on Facebook

The Death Online Research Network is also active on Facebook, where we share ideas /articles...

If you wish to join our closed Facebook group, please contact Dorthe Refslund Christensen.