Seminar and Book Release: Ephemera Mundi

Seminar on the subject of collector’s mania, archives and ephemera. An ambitious publication with contributions from over 40 researchers, authors and artists are released in connection with the event.

2018.03.23 | Johanne Vejrup Nielsen

Date Thu 26 Apr
Time 12:00 19:00
Location Kunsthal Aarhus

Ephemera Mundi is a seminar combined with a book release. The event takes place in connection with the solo retrospective by Danish artist Lasse Krog Møller at Kunsthal Aarhus, Spring 2018.

The seminar is focused on a number of related subjects that are central to the artist’s practice. These include the passion for collecting, why we collect, how we organize and use collections, and finally the phenomenon of ephemera, that is, all the peripheral material, which was not originally thought of as collector’s items, but has since become precisely that.

The seminar includes presentations from a number of researchers and authors, among them Mikkel Thorup, Teresa Østergaard Pedersen, Peter Adolphsen, Jørn Erslev Andersen, Gitte Broeng, Christian Yde Frostholm et al. The seminar is concluded with a ”lexicon live session”, where the participants collaborate on a live version of the publication that accompanies the event.

Arranger: Peter Ole Pedersen, curator and assistant professor in Art History, Aarhus University.  

Everyone is welcome.

Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology