Mission and vision

The Cultural Research Unit aim at generating innovative, high impact research, and disseminating knowledge on such research nationally and internationally, in order to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and complex world. 

We conduct innovative research in social and business related aspects of internationalisation and globalisation. We cooperate internationally and across disciplines. 

At present, the affiliated researchers are engaged in the following research areas:

  • internationalisation and globalisation in markets and society
  • international and global communication
  • inter- and transcultural communication
  • marketing and management communication
  • corporate branding
  • public relations
  • policy 
  • culture export
  • sustainability
  • communication for social change


Our objective is to create an inspiring, challenging and stimulating research forum for the unit's members and for our national and international partners. We aim at developing a research environment that enables us as individual researchers and as a research unit to achieve our professional objectives in the best way possible.

We will achieve this by:

  • carrying out interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary business-relevant cultural research
  • actively participating in professional associations, networks and societies
  • publishing the results of our research in international journals at the highest level
  • organising and participating in international research seminars and conferences
  • inviting relevant international guest researchers
  • applying for external research funds
  • sharing our knowledge through both research-based teaching and extensive research dissemination