Historical network analysis with the archived web

Dr. Anat Ben-David, senior lecturer in the department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication at The Open University of Israel and co-founder of the Open University's Open Media and Information Lab

2018.05.09 | Tina Pabst

Date Thu 31 May
Time 14:00 16:00
Location NetLab Forum meeting, Ada 333 (building 5342, Åbogade 34, room 333)

This presentation offers a critical reflection on the potential and limits of network analysis for web historical

research, using archived web data.

The event is hosted by NetLab/DIGHUMLAB, AU, and the presentation will be part of a NetLab Forum

meeting, which will also feature one of two other presentations (TBA) relating to research use of archived

web. Please sign up by sending an e-mail to Janne Nielsen (janne@cc.au.dk) no later than 22 May.

Lecture / talk