The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain

Centre for Irish Studies Spring Seminar series 2017

23.02.2017 | Martin Munk Stigaard

Dato tir 28 mar
Tid 10:00 11:00
Sted Nobelparken building 1481, room 264.

The Centre for Irish Studies and the English Lecture Society are happy to announce that the third seminar in our CISA Spring Seminar Series 2017 will be taking place on 28 March at 10-11 in Nobelparken building 1481, room 264.

Professor of historical cultural studies, Graham Dawson has graciously agreed to visit us from Brighton University to talk about his book ‘The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain’.

The book is the first comprehensive study of the history and memory of the troubles in Britain. It explores how the British people, including the Irish communities within Britain has responded to and engaged with the conflict, within the context of contested narratives given by the state as well as its opponents. It also examines the role the conflict has played in the lives of individuals as well as upon communities, cultures and the political and social relationships in Britain. It makes a point for further research and public debate on the topic as it asserts that the ‘unfinished business’ of the past yet remains to be addressed in Britain. It underlines the need for acknowledging the legacy, understanding the history and engaging with memories in the context of peacebuilding and reconciliation.

The book contains contributions from a wide field of scholars within various disciplines (Social, political and cultural history; politics; media, film and cultural studies; law; literature; performing arts; sociology; peace studies); activists, artists, writers and peace-builders; and people with direct personal experience of the conflict.

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