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Humans and Information Technology


Organisations, urban spaces, design practices, the arts and culture are all areas which shape and are shaped by information technology.


Today as in the past, technology affects work routines, creative and innovative processes, the production and distribution of culture, the boundary between the private and the public, the natural and the social, etc. At the same time, we attempt to shape the technology with which we surround ourselves in the image of these practices.



Tue 17 Dec
12:30-14:00 | Aarhus University, Helsingforsgade 14 (building 5347), room 120.
Speculations: Social Science, Climate Change, Science Fictions
Casper Bruun Jensen
Wed 18 Dec
12:30-15:30 | Aarhus University, Helsingforsgade 14 (building 5347), room 120
The University of the Anthropocene

Research Program Director