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Affect and the Body

This research group investigates the ‘extra representational’ by focusing on new forms of political mobilization and affective management, which work on and through bodies. These processes take place both within institutionalized politics and practices and outside of such institutional frameworks in e.g. social movements, activist groups, and civilian ad hoc initiatives.

It is the assertion of this research group that such movements, groups and initiatives could and should be analysed via aesthetic and relational dynamics and that the emerging socio-political entanglements must be analysed in terms of e.g. vitality, energy, intensity, atmosphere, attraction, seduction, contagion, attunement and virality.

Members of this research group are working on:

  • Mobilization through charisma 
  • Entanglements and assemblages of technologies, bodies, body parts, prostheses, humans and machines
  • The dynamics of affect and event 
  • Affectively haunted and haunting bodies
  • Biomediated and monitored bodies
  • Bodies in excess, bodies drained of energy
  • Extra representational appearances of bodies:
    • As open, wounded, mutilated, ‘broken’
    • As vulnerable, small, weak, invoking protection
    • As indexes, present by proxy in the symbolic order through e.g. broken, fragmented and/or excessive language
    • As crowding, swarming, huddling
    • As used for political means
    • As means of activism, art or artivism


Researchers: Britta Timm KnudsenChristoffer KølvraaCarsten StageChristina JerneAnn-Katrine Schmidt Nielsen, Signe Uldbjerg Mortensen, Josefine Brink Siem, Tobias Skiveren