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Roundtable: Initiating a Translation Technology Research Network (TTRN)


The aim of the roundtable, sponsored by Aarhus University, is to discuss the establishment of a Translation Technology Research Network (TTRN) for researchers within translation studies  and translation technology to come together and collaborate on research, teaching and other projects.


August 2018: Roundtable at Aarhus University



The roundtable, which was sponsored by Aarhus University, took place on 23 August 2018 in Aarhus. The roundtable was followed by a­ meeting for all participants on 24 August 2018.

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Roundtable participants were 21 researchers from various universities, including:

·         Universidad del País Vasco

·         Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

·         University of Bologna

·         Aarhus University

·         Swansea University

·         University of Hong Kong

·         Dublin City University

·         University of Turku

·         Cologne University of Applied Sciences

·         Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

·         Ionian University and University of Graz.


In addition, in response to our roundtable invitation, 11 more had expressed an interest in participating in the translation technology research network, including researchers from:

·         Dublin City University

·         University of New South Wales, Sydney

·         University of Portsmouth

·         Vrije Universiteit Brussel

·         Dublin City University

·         University of North Carolina at Charlotte

·         Iona University

·         Monash University


Brief summary of the event

The organisers started the roundtable by welcoming the participants and offering a brief overview of participants’ research interests and methods within translation technology research, based on the submitted abstracts for the event. Dr Ralph Krüger (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) and Dr Joss Moorkens (Dublin City University) then delivered some inspiring and instructive keynote speeches, after which the afternoon was spent on informal and constructive discussions of the participants’ research ideas and their wishes in connection with various collaborative research activities. The discussions were continued in the evening when most participants met for an enjoyable dinner at a restaurant in Aarhus.

The day after, on 24 August 2018, a meeting was held to discuss some specific plans for our collaboration. The first point on the agenda was to ascertain if participants would be interested in participating in a translation technology research network to be established in the autumn of 2019. All participants expressed a keen interest in establishing such a network. While there was much agreement around the table concerning the potential aims and research activities of the network, there was some debate in relation to choosing a name for it. After some discussion, it was decided to call it HAL (Humans, Applications and Languages): A research network for exploring human factors in translation with technology. Finally, it was agreed to meet again next autumn in Aarhus to establish the network. This meeting will be organised by Aarhus University and is planned for the end of September (or, possibly, October) 2019.


Jette Skjoldborg Bagger

Secretary - Translation Technology Research Network


Please send an e-mail to engjbagger@cc.au.dk if you should have any questions. 



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