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2015.09.02 | Awards, Nordiske Studier og Oplevelsesøkonomi

Professor Stephen A. Mitchell appointed honorary doctor

Professor Stephen A. Mitchell from Harvard University has been appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University based on his ground-breaking research in the Viking Age and medieval Scandinavia.

2015.06.24 | Research, Kulturelle Transformationer

Call for applicants

We are calling for applicants for an Individual Fellowship (IF) within the framework of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie action, to be hosted within the Cultural Transformations research programme of the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University.

2015.06.09 | Research

Niels Brügger is now an MSO professor

Niels Brügger has been appointed MSO professor of media studies at Aarhus University. The abbreviation “MSO” stands for “with special responsibilities” in Danish.

2015.05.13 | Research

Aarhus University celebrating the internet

Internet Week Denmark is a festival celebrating the success and impact of the internet and the digital economy. The idea behind the festival comes from Smart Aarhus, which is a partnership between the City of Aarhus and a range of institutions and companies – including Aarhus University. And the university is supporting the event once again this…

2015.03.04 | Research, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab


A new think-tank is to emphasise the needs of people in the face of the digital revolution. The think-tank has been set up by Carsten Hansen, the Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs. And the chair is to be Martin Brynskov, an associate professor of information studies at AU.

2015.01.28 | Research, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab

Martin Brynskov to coordinate a new, major EU project

OrganiCity is the name of a new EU project with € 7.2 million in funding which will be putting people at the centre of the development of future cities. Martin Brynskov, an associate professor of information studies at Aarhus University, is the project coordinator.

2015.01.15 | Education

New international Bachelor’s degree programme in cognitive science at Aarhus University

From 1 September 2015 it will be possible to take a Bachelor’s degree programme in cognitive science at Aarhus University. This is a cross-disciplinary degree programme in which students will gain unique insight into how the human consciousness and brain work.

Rasmus Kjærboe 
Lars Frølund

2015.01.06 | Arts

Two PhD students have received travel scholarships for further research

Two PhD students, Rasmus Kjærboe and Lars Frølund have each received a DKK 150000 travelling scholarship from the Herman Salling Foundation. The scholarship is awarded annually to especially ambitious students with an international mindset.

2014.12.18 | Grant

Postdoc Thomas Bøgevald Bjørnsten receives the Sapere Aude research talent grant

As a part of the Sapere Aude program, Thomas Bøgevald Bjørnsten has set himself the task of getting from data to meaningful experience.

2014.12.16 | Awards

Jacob Wamberg receives award for his comprehensive book on landscapes

Jacob Wamberg, professor of History of Art, has received a grant from Ole Haslund´s Foundation of Arts for his doctoral thesis `Landskabet som Verdensbillede´.

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