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Classical Archaeology/Art History Seminar


2020.03.09 | Betina Ramm

Date Fri 19 Jun
Time 14:30 19:00
Location The Zoom meeting room in which the seminar will place is available through this link: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/j/68259190628



9.30 Coffee/tea

10.00 Introduction



Chair: Troels Myrup Kristensen, Aarhus University


10.15 Jennifer Trimble, Stanford University

Carving, Recarving, Deforming, Destroying: Modern Materialities of Ancient Sculpture


11.15 Anders Troelsen, Aarhus School of Architecture

Architectural Sculpture and Sculptural Architecture


12.15 Lunch


Session 1: Copying and Collecting

Chair: Lise Skytte Jakobsen, Aarhus University


13.30 Jan Zahle, formerly Royal Cast Collection

Copy vs. Inspiration. Thorvaldsen as a Collector of Plaster Casts


14.15 Christine Tommerup, Aarhus University/Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Displacing Antiquity: Rodin as a Collector


15.00 Coffee/tea

Session 2: From Surface to Display

Chair: Chris Dickenson, UrbNet/Aarhus University


15.30 Jane Fejfer, University of Copenhagen

Displacing Objects – Morphing Objects. Sculptural Dynamics in Niche Facades in Roman Asia Minor


16.15 Lise Skytte Jakobsen, Aarhus University

Surface Issues. Where Does the Sculptural Image Begin?


17.00 Concluding discussion





9.30-12.15 Aarhus University, Museum of Ancient Art and Archaeology

12.15-18 Aarhus University, 1586-114 (Kasernen)


Organised by Lise Skytte Jakobsen (Art History/Centre for Museology) and Troels Myrup Kristensen (Classical Art and Archaeology), Aarhus University. Sponsored by the “Museology” and ”Classical Antiquity and its Heritage” research programmes, Aarhus University.


Participation is free and includes lunch, but please sign up with Troels Myrup Kristensen (tmk@cas.au.dk) before 1 June.


Seminar, Museologisk forskningsprogram