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Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images (AIIM) event.

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Friday 30 September 2022,  at 14:15 - 16:00


Kasernen, Building 1586, Room 114

This summer, the release of DALL-E 2 (an image-making machine learning model that allegedly can turn everyone into a visual artist) has rattled news media and the public imagination. Is it finally time for machines to grab the paint brushes after millennia of human-centric art history? In fact, no one seems to know, as very few people have yet to access the workings of DALL-E.

In this event, the Centre for Aesthetics of AI Images (AIIM) invites you to engage with a full version of DALL-E (or, if you are not keen on touching the keyboard yourself, to watch others create images using DALL-E). To counter techno-utopian narratives of a xanadu where you can indulge and realise every possible fantasy, we will introduce critical and playful techniques for experimentation to focus on how DALL-E operates with a very specific version of contemporary visual culture and the history of images.

Also, we will demonstrate the creative and epistemic constraints that this commercial model has placed upon the freedom of artistic expression and give tips on how open-source and no-code models can supplement further inquiries into the diverse and strange world of AI imagery.

We will supplement our investigations with coffee, sweets – and not least – critical discussions! All interested are welcome.