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Tutorial by Ed Summers.

Hydrator is an application that can fetch and store the data from Twitter post IDs.

Since Twitter only allows sharing tweet IDs (please see the page on Terms of Service in the Legal Framework section), this application is relevant whether you have obtained a dataset, or you are sharing one yourself.

Hydrator will fetch and reconstruct the data for posts based on their IDs.

This will result in a workable dataset with information and content that may be analysed. It should be remembered, that the reconstructed data may not be shared - Hydrator only makes them accessible to work with. Rehydrated tweets may be used to a limited extent in research publications, but may not be shared as datasets (please refer to the Twitter example given on the Legal Framework subpage, Terms of Service).

Examples and explanations on the use and need for Hydrator may be found in the Social Media Collections section under Existing Collections, specifically for #metoo Digital Media Collection, Schlesinger Library, and Digital Narratives of Covid-19.

Since Hydrator fetches the data directly from Twitter, a Twitter account is needed for obtaining the data.

CDMM instruction video (Danish): Extraction of tweets from Twitter’s API using Hydrator

Service: https://github.com/DocNow/hydrator/releases