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Strategy 2014 - 2020


The task of the School of Communication and Culture is to supply research, research-based education, talent development and knowledge sharing at the highest level within the school's broad subject range, thereby contributing valuable insight into human, cultural and social methods of expression and action.


The School of Communication and Culture wishes to use its strategy to contribute to Aarhus University’s ambition to be a globally focused university with a strong commitment to social development. The school wishes to achieve this goal by creating good frameworks for internationally acknowledged research and education environments that not only set the highest academic standards, but also meet the current needs of society for research, education and knowledge exchange on an ongoing basis. The school will exploit its broad subject range and strength in specific subject areas with a view to supplying innovative research in the humanities which increases our ability to understand ourselves as both bearers and creators of culture, by developing the department’s subject areas, cooperating with international partners, and taking part in cross-disciplinary research projects. The school will continuously improve its existing degree programmes and develop new ones, including cross-disciplinary degree programmes that meet the needs of society for new competences, with a view to qualifying graduates from the school’s degree programmes for an increasingly global labour market. Using the digital media, innovative forms of learning and other techniques, the school wishes to create modern, inspiring and inter-cultural spaces for learning which can attract talented students from Denmark and abroad. The school wishes to use its degree programmes to provide all the students with the skills needed to take action, the ability to critically analyse social trends, and the insight into meaning formation in human beings that is needed to make a difference on a labour market characterised by globalisation. The school wishes to use the internationalisation of research and education to attract the strongest research talents who are able to succeed in international research communities as well as helping to innovate the school’s research efforts.

Overall strategy

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