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New Research Assistant - Mathias Holm Sørensen

In the coming weeks, we will present some of the new colleagues here at the Department of Media and Journalism Studies. In this week: Mathias Holm Sørensen.

03.12.2020 | Benjamin Andreassen

Mathias (b. 1995) is the department’s newly appointed Research Assistant. He is currently working at DATALAB, which is affiliated with the EU-projects: SOMA, NGI Forward and EDMO. Here, he primarily works on research, coordination, and development of these. Among other things, Mathias is in the process of writing a report for NGI Forward, which is based on a workshop that DATALAB hosted at the AoIR-conference.

Background and education

Mathias grew up in Kolding with his family. In 2015, he moved to Aarhus with his girlfriend and shortly after began studying Media Studies. After three years at Katrinebjerg, he took a master’s degree in rhetoric. Mathias graduated in 2020, which he describes as hectic:

“After a thesis that offered both a global pandemic and a son, I completed my master's degree in rhetoric in the summer of 2020”. 

In his spare time, Mathias is interested in basketball, movies, tv series, music, and delicious food. In addition, he spends a lot of time together with his girlfriend and their son.

Interests in media studies

Mathias’ professional interest is digital media and the attempt to regulate them:

“With one foot in media science and one in rhetoric, I am a bit of a scientific nomad, which has resulted in a great interest in how argumentation lives on the digital media, and I think that the emergence of these "new" media constitutes an interesting arena for deliberation.”

In addition, Mathias says he chose Aarhus University as workplace, because he saw a unique opportunity to have a lot of responsibility within a field that he is passionate about. The fact that Anja Bechman is the director of DATALAB made the decision even easier, Mathias points out.

We would like to warmly welcome Mathias here at Aarhus University.

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