Translation Technology Research Network (TTRN)


Our aim is to establish a Translation Technology Research Network (TTRN), where researchers within translation studies (TS) and translation technology can come together to collaborate on projects, research and teaching.

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The motivation to create a network stems from our work on a thematic issue for Hermes – Journal of Language and Communication in Business. The idea for the thematic issue developed based on our observation that even though there has been a large growth in the uptake of translation technology in the language industry, this growth has not been mirrored by the research conducted within translation studies. Therefore, we decided to highlight the technology-oriented research within TS over the last decade, and to try to improve the current situation by bringing together the new and innovative research that reflects recent technological advances and their impact on the translation profession.We approached this from diverse perspectives, which meant bringing together research articles based on three thematic categories: technology-oriented research, workflow-oriented and industrial research, and translation-theoretical research. Furthermore, the studies included here employed a variety of methods, which also reflects the diverse nature of the theme.

Following the thematic Issue, we believe that the next step forward is to establish a network, where we can come together to discuss the future avenues of research in translation technology. Examples of what the TTRN would allow us to achieve include:

  • Identify Horizon 2020 projects within the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) where members of the network could apply
  • Establish a scientific and planning committee to organise a conference on translation technology research (2019)
  • Identify fora for collaborative research. For example, propose a panel for the MT Summit 2019 in Dublin, Ireland
  • Establish collaborative supervision of MA and PhD theses across academic institutions
  • Establish research stays abroad and at Aarhus University (visiting scholars)

The TTRN welcomes members from any academic institution as well as from the translation profession, who would like to contribute to translation technology research.


August 2018: Roundtable at Aarhus University

The first event and where we will formally establish the TTRN will be a roundtable to take place on Thursday 23 – Friday 24 August 2018, at Aarhus University.

Registration for this event has ended.


Jette Skjoldborg Bagger

Secretary - Translation Technology Research Network

Please send an e-mail to if you should have any questions. 


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Kristine Bundgaard   
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