PiT project

A preliminary project plan

Text production (including both composition and translation) comprises various processes, which may be internal (thought processes) or external (use of dictionaries, internet, colleagues etc.). It is the general purpose of this project to create knowledge of these processes in different types of text production tasks. '

These production tasks are studied in three sub-projects explained in the boxes:

The sub-projects apply a variety of methods listed below.

Methods applied

  • Eye tracking (system to effectively record and analyze gaze data, e.g. gaze points, gaze data timestamps, eye
    positions, and pupil sizes)
  • Screen capture (video recording of the contents of the subject's screen)
  • Logging (recording of all key-strokes and mouse clicks)
  • Verbalization protocols (think-aloud)
  • Video recording (picture-in-picture view of the subject observing posture, facial expressions and vocalizations)
  • Observation (researcher being present)
  • Retrospective interviews with the subjects (using replays of the process to prompt subject's comments)
  • Questionnaires (e.g. demographic information about the subjects)
  • Product analyses (Text analysis, discourse analysis)