Mission and vision

At the Research Group for Translation and Interpreting we conduct business-related research into translation and interpreting.

Internationally, research into translation and interpreting is becoming a well-established research area, and at the Department of Business Communication it has always been an important part of the teaching activities and contacts with the business community.

Empirical foundation
The basic characteristic of our research is its empirical foundation and the predominant use of methods taken from the fields of linguistics and social science.

Our interests are directed towards exploring processes as well as products in relation to translation and interpreting. Therefore, the translation and interpreting professions are vital aspects of our research. As an example, we perform linguistic analyses of translation and interpreting products and do interviews and surveys directed at professional translators and interpreters, at the users of the services provided by the translators and interpreters, and at society in general.

Broad definition of translation
We have a broad definition of translation which also includes localisation and translation between genres. Not only are our translation researchers internationally recognised, our interpreting research environment has an international reputation for being unique and goes under the name of "The Aarhus School of Interpreting Research".