Research projects

Collective projects (with and with out funding):

Mediatization of Culture (2011-2014)
funded by The Danish Research Council for Communication and Culture
Head of project Stig Hjarvard, KU
AU-participants: Kirsten Frandsen
sub project: "New Media - New Horizons for Sports"., Stine Liv Johansen,
sub project Mediatization of Play, Maja Sonne Damkjær,
phd-project:Mediatization of Parenthood.

Network for social scientific food research (2012-2014)
funded by LMC. Head: Carsten Daugbjerg FOI, KU.
Participating AU researcher: Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Nordic Salons (2012-2014)
Head of project: Anne Scott Sørensen, SDU.
Participating AU researcher: Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Sub project of Digital Humanities Lab (DigHumLab) (2012-17),
funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Government Agency for Science and Innovation.
Participating AU researchers: Janne Nielsen, Niels Brügger, Ulrich Karstoft Have

Digital Footprints Research Group (2012-2017)
funded by Digital Humanities Lab.
Participating AU researcher: Anja Bechmann, Jakob Linaa Jensen

DRACE: Digital Radio Cultures in Europe.
Participating AU researcher: Per Jauert

Crossmedia (2012-2015)
Fundede by The Danish Research Council for Communication and Culture, 6 mill. DKK.
Head of Project: Kjetil Sandvik KU.
Participating AU researcher: Jakob Linaa Jensen

COST Action "Transforming audiences – transforming societies, until 2014.
Participating AU-researcher: Jakob Linaa Jensen

Twitter and the Public Sphere – Using Twitter during the EP-election 2014.
Participating AU-researcher: Jakob Linaa Jensen

DPRI – Danish Privacy Research Initiative.
Participating AU researchers: Anja Bechmann, Niels Ole Finnemann

The ubiquitous internet.
Participating AU researcher: Anja Bechmann

The American Television Block-buster.
Participating AU researcher: Jakob Isak Nielsen

Socio Media Education (2011-14),
funded by Region Midtjylland, 3,4mill. DKK.
Participating AU researcher: Jesper Tække

Methodologies for researching and practicing communication for/and social change.
Cooperation with Dr. Ylva Ekström, Malmö University.
Participating AU researcher: Teke Ngomba, Poul Erik Nielsen

Making Sense of Digital Journalism: Contexts, Filtering and Circulation.
Participating AU-researchers: Henrik Bødker, Inka Salovaara-Moring

Digital Television: The Old, New Medium 2015-18)
Participating AU researchers: Hanne Bruun, sub-project: The Production Practices of Scheduling in Digital Television
Hanne Bruun and Janne Nielsen, sub-project: The Interface of Digital Television: The On-air Schedule

Big UK Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities (2014-2015)
Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK
Projectleader: Jane Winters, University of London
Participating AU researcher: Niels Brügger

Crossmedia communication and production (2013-2014)
Funded by Ministry of Culture's Research Committee

Probing a Nation's Web Domain - the case of Denmark
Participating AU researchers: Niels Brügger, Janne Nielsen, Ulrich Karstoft Have

Measuring Impact across social media (2014)
Funded by: Rethink Impact/Cultural City 2017
Participating AU researchers: Anja Bechmann, Jakob Linaa Jensen, Peter Vahlstrup, Line Hassall Thomsen

Facebook Footprints: Researching Social Big Data Patterns (2014-2015)
Funded by AU IDEAS
Participating AU researchers: Anja Bechmann, Peter Vahlstrup

Transnational Radio Encounters. Mediations of Nationality, Identity and Community through Radio (TRE) 2013-2016
Funded by HERA
Participating AU researchers: Per Jauert and Janne Nielsen

Broadcasting in the Post-Broadcast Era: Policy, Technology and Content Production 2013-2017
Funded by The Academy of Finland
Participating AU researcher: Per Jauert

What Makes Danish TV Drama Series Travel? Transnational Production, Cultural Export and the Global Reception og Danish Drama Series
Funded by Danish Research Council
Participating AU researchers: Jakob Isak Nielsen, Pia Majbritt Nielsen

What Makes Danish TV Series Travel? Drama Series as Cultural Export, Cross-Cultural Production and Reception in a Global World
An AU IDEAS project funded by Department of Aesthetics and Communication.
Participating AU researchers: Jakob Isak Nielsen, Pia Majbritt Nielsen


Individual projects (with and without external funding:

Media as School.
PhD project funded by AU and State Library.
Janne Nielsen

Political Entertainment - Entertaining Politics (2010-15).
Hanne Bruun

EU and the privatisation of TV 2.
Frands Mortensen

The Labour Movement and TV3, 1986-1997. A media political tragedy.
Frands Mortensen

The History of TV 2 1986-1992.
Frands Mortensen

State Aid for Danish TV 2.
Frands Mortensen

Personal data in social media networks.
Anja Bechmann

Making Sense of Digital Journalism: Contexts, Filtering and Circulation.
Henrik Bødker

Generation of meaning in live pictures
Visual aesthetics and rhetorics in audiovisual medias
Edvin Kau

The medialised recreational athlete - about the dane's integration of social medias in exercise practices
Joeb Høfdinghoff Grønborg

Cognition, sociality and algorithmic power in the age of social media
Jakob Linaa Jensen

Behind the screen - productionculture in the external television production trade in DK (2013-2016)
PhD-project funded by Aarhus University
Katrine Broe Sørensen

Tour de France: Changing a Media Event into a Touristic Sports Spectacle
Contribution to an American project: "MegaMediaSport"
Kirsten Frandsen

Recent collective projects with funding:

Changing Borders (2008-2011)
funded by NRCCC, 3,5mio. DKR.
Participating AU-researchers: Niels Ole Finnemann (head of project), Per Jauert, Jakob Linaa, Karen Klitgaard Povlsen

Television Entertainment: Cross-mediality and Knowledge (2006-09)
funded by NRCCC, 6,5mio DKR.
Participating AU-researchers: Kirsten Frandsen (head of project), Anne Marit Waade, Hanne Bruun

Newspapers and Journalism in Transition: The printed press as a cultural and political ressource (2007-2009),
funded by NCCC.
Head of project Stig Hjarvard, KU.
Participating AU researchers: Unni From, Henrik Bødker

Making TV Around the World – a survey on television makers in eight different countries Cooperation with Dr. Annette Falahey, University of Sydney.
Participating AU researcher: Pia Majbrit Jensen

Comparing the REception of Talent Formats in Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK –in cooperation with the project Media Across Borders.
Head of project Andrea Esser, Roehampton University.
Participating AU researcher: Pia Majbritt Jensen