Fandom and celebrity culture

Coordinator: Matthias Stephan, Research Assistant

This research unit focuses on the aesthetics and culture of fandom and celebrities from the perspectives of cross-media communication and media convergent culture. The emerging fields of Celebrity Studies and Fan Studies are manifested in and across a wide array of different media fields, such as music, advertisement, art, literature, computer games, film, and TV. Fan and Celebrity cultures are in need of a reappraisal in which boundaries between identities, cultural practices, private and public spheres, products and consumers, celebrity and fan bodies, intimacy and estrangement are investigated, and this research unit works with and within these new emerging paradigms. Research Unit members work specifically with gender, identity, monstrosity, digital media, video games, fan practices, transmedia storytelling, and participatory culture.

This term we are also hosting an International academic conference, Otherness and Transgression in Celebrity and Fan Cultures. More information can be found here.

Researchers: Claus Toft-Nielsen, Research Assistant, Lise Dilling-Hansen, Ph.D. scholar, Susan Yi Sencindiver, Teaching Assistant