Creativity and culture production

Coordinator: Ida Krøgholt

Main area & idea: The mindset of this unit has grown out of the fact that art has no longer the first right to the creativity concept. Creativity is not only linked to artistic creations but has growing societal awareness in relation to leadership, learning, innovation and social development, making new demands for more informed appreciation of both the nature and cultivation of creativity and of the transference of its discourses, ideals and practices to other fields.

Municipal governments and regions develop their own brands, cultural and art museums act like businesses, cultural and media production becomes an integral part of regional development programs and tourism promotion, all of which results in the establishment of novel collaborative ventures.

This change in state of affairs brings the art-domain new and interesting challenges. In relation to such developments the research unit will pursue research on creativity in both in-depth-studies in creative art-practice and in exploring how transformation-processes between art and non-artistic area (can) take place.

Louise EjgodThomas RosendalErik Exe ChristoffersenAnne Marit Waade.

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