Rasmus Kjærboe 
Lars Frølund

2015.01.06 | Arts

Two PhD students have received travel scholarships for further research

Two PhD students, Rasmus Kjærboe and Lars Frølund have each received a DKK 150000 travelling scholarship from the Herman Salling Foundation. The scholarship is awarded annually to especially ambitious students with an international mindset.

2014.12.18 | Grant

Postdoc Thomas Bøgevald Bjørnsten receives the Sapere Aude research talent grant

As a part of the Sapere Aude program, Thomas Bøgevald Bjørnsten has set himself the task of getting from data to meaningful experience.

2014.12.16 | Awards

Jacob Wamberg receives award for his comprehensive book on landscapes

Jacob Wamberg, professor of History of Art, has received a grant from Ole Haslund´s Foundation of Arts for his doctoral thesis `Landskabet som Verdensbillede´.

2014.11.26 | Students, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab

Students´ project to be displayed at an international conference.

Among many other things, the recently finished Media Architectural Biennale, MAB14, also included a presentation of a new installation, designed by students from Media Science, Digital Design and Computer Science.

2014.11.26 | Research

New international journal brings democracy and Cultural participation into focus.

Is contemporary citizen involvement a method of practising local democracy, or is it merely a way of legitimizing a political discourse? This is one of the questions that are being discussed in the first issue of Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation.

2014.11.24 | Research

Karina Lykke Grand is rewarded for her knowledge dissemination on Danish art from the Golden Age.

Next Thursday, assistant professor Karina Lykke Grand will receive a grant from Ole Haslund´s Art Foundation, for her innovatory dissemination of knowledge regarding Danish art from the Golden Age.


2014.11.13 | Conference

Screens and light are the bricks of tomorrow

Architects, designers and artists meet with scientists, when the most important event in the field of media architecture takes place, here in Denmark, in November.

Associate professor Frits Andersen

2014.11.14 | Grant

New research project sets out to explore global slave trade

The Velux Foundations have granted just under six million to a research project that sets out to shed light upon the Transatlantic slave trade, through a study of literature.

Clara Zielinski

2014.11.17 | Students

Grammar school student as an apprentice researcher

As part of this year´s Junior Researcher Contest, Clara Zielinski from Elsinore Grammar School has written a synopsis on cultural transfers. Associate professor Steen Bille has been her mentor. They have both been very pleased with the cooperation, and Clara Zielinski is grateful for the input and source references provided by Steen Bille.

2014.10.29 | People

Associate professor Jacob Ladegaard accepted as a member of Young Academy of Europe (YAE)

Young Academy of Europe (YAE) is an organization of younger, European top researchers, from all academic areas. Jacob Ladegaard has been granted a 5-year membership of the academy.

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