Mon 19 Nov
14:00-17:00 | Aarhus University, The Large Auditorium, INCUBA Science Park, Katrinebjerg, Building 5510, Room 103, Aabogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N
PhD Defence Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard
Staying with the Trouble through Design: Critical-feminist Design of Intimate Technology
Tue 20 Nov
10:15-12:00 | Incuba, Store Aud., Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus N
Critical Fabulations with Daniela Rosner
In a talk about collaborative manufacturing, design, and on how weaving and space travel is connected, Rosner talks about her new book “Critical Fabulations”, a proposal to redefine design in a way that not only challenges the field's dominant paradigms but also changes the practice of design itself.
Wed 21 Nov
09:00-13:00 | Aarhus University, Helsingforsgade 14, Building 5342, room 333 (ADA-building), 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
2-day workshop: Experimental Creative Writing with Natural Language Processing by Allison Parris
Wed 21 Nov
15:15-16:30 | Building 1481, Room 237, Nobelparken
Guest lecture: Constructing Movie Dialogue: Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction
Mark Axelrod (Chapman University, California)
Wed 21 Nov
18:30-21:30 | Nobelparken, building 1481, room 366
Irish film series - 'Troubles Cinema': Nothing Personal
CISA Autumn Irish Film Series: 'Troubles Cinema', with companion lecture by Prof. Henrik Vigh
Wed 21 Nov
19:00-21:00 | Kunsthal Aarhus, J.M. Mørks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus C
How We Curate: Talk Series on Curating
New contemporary art institutions are in focus, when curator Carl Martin Faurby from Kunsthall Trondheim and Director and Curator Marie Dufresne from Kunsthal 6100 in Haderslev present and discuss their practices in the context of the talk series How We Curate.
Thu 22 Nov
13:29-13:30 | Moesgaard
Conference: Personal motivations in European museum making from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment
Conference hosted by the Research programme in Museology in cooperation with the project Cultural Encounter as a Precondition for European Identity and the research programme Materials, Culture and Heritage.
Thu 22 Nov
14:15-17:00 | Kasernen, Langelandsgade 139, Building 1584, Room 124
Søren Pold and Christian Ulrik Andersen: The Metainterface – Critical Realism and Design
Aesthetic Seminar
Fri 23 Nov
14:00-16:00 | The big Auditorium, Building 5510-103, INCUBA Science Park; Åbogade
Computational Models of the Poetic Avant-Garde
Fri lecture by Allison Parrish on 23 Nov 14.00-16.00 the big Auditorium, Building 5510-103, INCUBA Science Park; Åbogade
Tue 27 Nov
14:15-16:00 | Kasernen, Langelandsgade 139, bygn. 1584, lokale 126, 8000 Aarhus C
Pianos, Goblin Drums, & the Wizard’s Monster Band Music in 19th-Century Magic Shows
Guest lecture by Jessie Fillerup, AIAS Fellow, Associate Professor Department of Music, University of Richmond, USA

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