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Associate professorship: IT project management and innovation 950553

The School of Communication and Culture invites applications for an associate professorship in IT project management and innovation, qualitative methods and science-technology-society (STS) at the Department of Digital Design & Information Studies. 
The associate professorship is a permanent position which begins on 1 March 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.
The position
The position focuses on IT project management and innovation, qualitative methods and science-technology-society (STS). The successful applicant will be expected to further the integration of project management and innovation in the department through teaching and research at the highest international level.
The School of Communication and Culture emphasises the significance of high-quality research and attaches great importance to interdisciplinary collaboration, participation in collective research projects, and the ability to attract external research funding. Accordingly, we are looking for a candidate with a strong profile and track record in the study of project management and innovation related to one or more of the following areas:  
•Qualitative research methods
•STS studies
•The digital economy
The associate professor will be expected to teach and supervise students at all levels (BA, MA and PhD), as well as contributing to the development and application of innovative teaching methods. The position involves teaching duties as well as responsibility for the development of courses that encompass IT project management & innovation, business & IT/ the digital economy and qualitative research methods. Teaching in project management and innovation on other degree programmes or courses across the school may also be required.  
Knowledge exchange
It is expected that the successful applicant will engage in knowledge exchange as mentioned in the strategy for the Faculty of Arts, for instance in research cooperation with private companies, government consultancy, cooperation with civil society actors or public dissemination of knowledge. Applicants should document any prior experience within the field of knowledge exchange.
Talent development 
The associate professor is expected to contribute to talent development within the areas related to the position and to supervise PhD students and participate in the development, teaching and implementation of PhD courses.
Applicants must have a PhD or equivalent qualifications in a relevant field in the social sciences or humanities, as well as research and teaching qualifications equivalent to those acquired in an assistant professorship.
Key criteria of the assessment will be the quality of the research output, which is expected to meet international standards, and successful teaching experience at university level within relevant fields.
Applicants must document:
•Expertise in research in project management & innovation on an international level
•Teaching experience in areas of relevance to IT project management and innovation, the digital economy and STS studies, as well as mastery of academic English in the classroom
•Expertise in collaborative and interdisciplinary research
•An internationally oriented research profile 
•A relevant and internationally oriented publication profile
The application must be submitted in English. 
If the successful applicant does not speak Danish, he or she will be required to acquire sufficient Danish within two years of commencing the appointment to participate fully in the activities of the School of Communication and Culture. In order to maintain and develop the department’s excellent research environment, the person appointed is expected to be present at the department on a daily basis. Participation in the daily life of the department is a high priority, and we emphasise the importance of good working relationships, both among colleagues and with our students.
For further information about the position, please contact Dr Morten Breinbjerg: (+45) 8716 1997 or email
For further information about applications and the appointment process, please send an email to HR supporter Helle Sindal
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Qualification requirements

Applicants should hold a PhD or equivalent academic qualifications.


In the absence of any statement to the contrary, applications must be submitted in English.

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.


All applications must be made online and received by:

Please apply online here

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