The Department of Digital Design and Information Studies is one of the strongest academic IT environments in Europe and attracts visiting scholars and PhD students from all over the world. We focus on information technology as a feature of people’s everyday lives and futures. As a result, we have a strong connection between theory and practice and play a role in a great number of national and international collaborations.


The department is structured around three research units: Science and Technology Studies, Interactive Design, and Digital Aesthetics and Culture. These are cross-disciplinary fields involving research in organisations, communication, IT, design, society and technology; with research topics covering areas such as health IT, interaction processes, systems development, interface culture, surveillance, IT in urban spaces, and IT and business.

Degree programmes

Our degree programmes in digital design and information studies are deeply anchored in research in the department, and enthusiastic students have the opportunity of getting involved in research projects and student jobs. Our degree programmes are based at Katrinebjerg and form part of a wider, dynamic IT community with neighbours such as Google and B&O.

You can learn more about the content of our degree programmes in the study guide.

Digital Design

Information Studies

You can also visit the study portal for enrolled students


Jens Magnus Johansen Student Worker

Kseniia Kalugina Member of Administrative Staff

Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose Associate professor
Phone: +4587161962

Peter Lauritsen Professor with Special Responsibilities
Phone: +4524483897

Birgitte Kvist Laursen !!Karriere- og uddannelseskonsulent
Phone: +4587161995

Timo Leimbach Associate professor
Phone: +4587162837

Rasmus Lunding
Phone: +4587161953

Hanne Lynghøj PhD Student
Phone: +4587163071

Signe Mørk Madsen PhD Student

Annette Markham Professor with Special Responsibilities
Phone: +4530453484

Paul John McElheron PhD Student

Mark Moore Research Assistant
Phone: +4524404972

Line Have Musaeus PhD Student

Finn Olesen Associate professor
Phone: +4587161992

Kasper Ostrowski
Phone: +4587163215

Mikkel Rask Pedersen PhD Student
Phone: +4587161989

Gabriel Pereira PhD Student

Søren Pold Associate professor
Phone: +4587161994

Mark Poulsen Student Teacher

Janne Rasmussen Communications Officer

Søren Rasmussen PhD Student

Christian Remy Assistant Professor

Banu Saatci PhD Student

Kasper Fangel Skov Research Assistant

Rachel Charlotte Smith Assistant Professor
Phone: +4587162024

Maja Sonne Damkjær Postdoc
Phone: +4587162669

Winnie Soon Assistant Professor

Mette Stentoft Communications Adviser

Peter Bjerregaard Vahlstrup
Phone: +4587161957

Visiting researchers

Recent publications

Upcoming events

Thu 21 Mar
13:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Building 1584, room 124, Langelandsgade 145, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD Defence Júlia Machado
Art Film and The Poetics of Transgression: A Practice-Based Investigation
Tue 26 Mar
15:00-17:00 | The large auditorium in INCUBA, bldg. 5510-103, Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus
Inaugural Lecture by Professor Peter Dalsgaard
Creating (with) Computers
Thu 28 Mar
13:00-17:45 | Nygaard 5335-395, Helsingforsgade 12, 8200 Aarhus N
Research seminar: Media and Cultural Industries in Regional Spaces: Convergences, Conflicts, and Contingencies
Fri 05 Apr
14:00-16:00 | Åbogade 15, Store Auditorium, 5510-103, 8200 Aarhus N
Friday Lecture: Professor Angela McRobbie, Goldsmith University of London
“Settling Accounts with Creative Labour and Creative Industry Studies ...1998-2018”


2018.09.25 | Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab

Opening of Center for Computational Thinking & Design

November 2nd at 14.00-16.00 at Aarhus University, Peter Bøgh Andersen Auditoriet, Finlandsgade 21, 8200 Aarhus N

2018.09.20 | Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab

CENSUS welcomes new postdoc Clare Southerton

Clare joins the center to work on the Childhood, Intimacy and Surveillance Practices (CHiP) project.

Winnie Soon (Foto: Claus Sjödin -

2018.05.14 | Awards, Afd. for Digital Design og Informationsvidenskab, Arts

Winnie Soon receives PhD prize

On 30 May 2018 Winnie Soon will receive the Aarhus University Research Foundation PhD Award for her project ‘Executing Liveness – An examination of the live dimension of code interactions in software (art) practice’.

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The decennial Aarhus conference – August 2015

The decennial Aarhus conference – August 2015

1975-1985-1995-2005 — the decennial Aarhus conferences have traditionally been instrumental for setting new agendas for critically engaged thinking about information technology. The fifth decennial Aarhus conference, Critical Alternatives, aims to set new agendas for theory and practice in computing for quality of human life.

The conference series is fundamentally interdisciplinary and emphasizes thinking that is firmly anchored in action, intervention, and scholarly critical practice. With the title Critical Computing – between sense and sensibility, the 2005 edition of the conference marked that computing was rapidly seeping into everyday life. In 2015, we see critical alternatives in alignment with utopian principles—that is, the hope that things might not only be different but also radically better. At the same time, radically better alternatives don’t emerge out of nowhere: they emerged from contested analyses of the mundane present and demand both commitment and labor to work towards them. Critical alternatives matter and make people reflect. 

Read more about the conference

Follow our research in APRJA – “A Peer-Reviewed Journal About”

Follow our research in APRJA – “A Peer-Reviewed Journal About”

APRJA is an open-access research journal that addresses the ever-shifting thematic frameworks of digital culture. APRJA stands for “A Peer-Reviewed Journal About” and invites the addition of a research topic to address what is considered to be key aspects of contemporary digital art and culture.

Read the New issue: Datafied Research Volume 4, Issue 1, 2015.

Students designing for the future

Students designing for the future

At the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies we help our students to meet the business community and find out what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

For instance, once a year our students are challenged to compose a design that solves a social problem. During this process they gain contact with interest groups, have prototypes developed at design companies, and test the resulting products on a test panel. Finally, they present their designs at a trade fair which is evaluated by experts in entrepreneurship.

Read more about the latest trade fair: Design Expo 2015 (in Danish only)

New telemedicine research network 

New telemedicine research network 

Researchers at the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies work on the interaction between people and IT, which is why they have been included in Aarhus University’s new focus area: an interdisciplinary telemedicine research network. The main idea of the network is that it should be open and inclusive to ensure that everyone with an interest in telemedicinal solutions can take part – including not only people at Aarhus University, but also companies and other external stakeholders.

Read more about the research network (in Danish only)

Interactive Terracotta Warrior

Interactive Terracotta Warrior

The researchers at the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies are often involved in external collaboration. For instance, they added an interactive dimension to Moesgaard Museum’s exhibition about the terracotta warriors.

To illustrate the fact that the terracotta warriors of emperor Qin Shi Huangdi’s tomb were all painted, CAVI in collaboration with Moesgaard Museum made an interactive part of the temporary exhibition, “The First Emperor – China’s Terracotta Army”, which ran April 1 - September 30, 2015.

Read more about the exhibition and what the researchers have done.