Photo: SynchroniCity/Tom Blockley

2017.02.23 | Research, Afd. for Informationsvidenskab og Digital Design

Aarhus University to head giant global project on technology in future cities

EU issues major grant to associate professor Martin Brynskov and the beacon project SynchroniCity. This gives Aarhus University a leading role in developing the Internet of Things in cities, and a unique opportunity to work with a global consortium to influence the current process of digitalisation.

2016.12.01 | Afd. for Informationsvidenskab og Digital Design

Turn On Literature: A new EU-project involving the Poetry Machines

A new EU-project includes a further development, distribution and translation of the Poetry Machines. Two new partners join in – a library in Norway and a library in Romania.

2016.11.04 | Research, Afd. for Informationsvidenskab og Digital Design

An expanding global smart city network

Martin Brynskov, associate professor of information studies, is working hard to expand the international smart city research network, and has just signed a collaboration agreement with Seoul in South Korea.


Tue 28 Mar
10:00-11:00 | Nobelparken building 1481, room 264.
The Northern Ireland Troubles in Britain
Centre for Irish Studies Spring Seminar series 2017
Wed 29 Mar
16:15-17:45 | Nobelparken, Gebäude 1481, Raum 341
Ringvorlesung in März (3)
Steffen Krogh: Fra Köln til Köningsberg, fra Flensburg til Freising. Tyske dialekter og regiolekter før og nu
Thu 30 Mar
14:15-17:00 | at Kasernen, Langelandsgade 139, Building 1584, Room 124
Aesthetic Seminar. Who Carries the Weight of History? Artistic Responses to Colonial Ruin(action)s in the former Danish West Indies
Mathias Danbolt is an art historian with a special focus on queer, antiracist, and decolonial perspectives on contemporary art and performance.